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Decentralized Financial Technologies

The U.CASH Network is a group of organizations, individuals, web portals, 3rd party service providers, blockchain smart-contracts, software applications, users, and converters from all over the world, who together function to enable access to alternative financial services globally.

With the mission of building infrastructure and technological solutions for both end users, and organizations to use, the U.CASH network is a long-term initiative in bridging blockchain enabled solutions and real-world empowerment.

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Community Empowerment

The UCASH Network empowers and incentivizes individuals, and organizations globally to participate and help grow the ecosystem. The global community is comprised of users, converters, developers, partners, and other entities.

Users: Users globally can participate by interacting with smart-contracts utilizing the UCASH network token, or using available portals that offer alternative financial services capabilities.
Converters: Money services businesses, retail stores, and entrepreneurial individuals help users ecosystem onboard and offboard (Cash-In and Cash-Out) into the network, and earn revenue for doing so.
Partners: Infrastucture and financial service providers, payment processors, secondary markets, wallets, and other partners add to the network by providing access to additional functions.
Developers: Software application developers are incentivized to build on top of the base layers of the U.CASH network to offer additional functionality through access to users, converters and bounties.
Businesses: Individual entrepreneurs and businesses can build a variety of businesses on top of the U.CASH network and associated functionality such as creating and managing their own tokens.